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Wir durften bereits viele Kunden beim Training ihrer Pferde mit unseren ACTIVOMED Produkten unterstützen.
Besonders stolz sind wir auf unsere nationale und internationale Kundschaft. Einige unserer Kunden finden Sie hier. 



Isabell Werth_Referenz_Neues Format

Isabell Werth


The most successful dressage rider of all times, olympic champion, world champion, european champion

„I like using the IMPULSELINE products before or after riding, as this provides an ideal way of relaxation for my horses. During shows I use the blanket for relaxation and regeneration to prevent possible build-up of lactic acid. The water treadmill provides optimal support for building-up muscles and fitness in my horses.”


Lisa Röckener_Referenzen_richtiges Format

Lisa Röckener


Eventing and show rider, Instagram influencer

"I got to know the ACTIVOMED company some time ago. A product from this company is this magnetic field and massage blanket. I have to say that I am really not easy to convince when it comes to such things. ACTIVOMED gave me the chance to test the blanket extensively because I was so skeptical. I used the blanket for Valoo in very different ways: I tested the blanket before training sessions, after training and at events. I was really surprised how great Valoo has taken the different programs. I am firmly convinced that I am doing something really good for Valoo and can confirm with good knowledge that the blaket has absolutely convinced me personally. "

Scott_Brash_Referenz_richtiges Format

Scott Brash


British show jumper and Olympic champion

„I find the horses relax so much when using the rug before and after riding. We can tell they really like it. We always take the rug with us travelling – even on the plane. The benefit my horses get from the ACTIVOMED system is definitely noticeable.”


Andreas Ostholt


Kaderreiter Vielseitigkeit, Deutschland

„For years I have been using the ACTIVOMED blanket. Before the dressage to relax the muscles and after cross-country to stimulate and loosen the muscles in order to prevent stiffness and muscle pain in my horses.”


Glasten Krapels


Dutch para dressage rider

"I have been using the ACTIVOMED magnetic blanket and gaiters for a few months. I am very satisfied with the result. I can feel and see that Windhook recovers better and faster after training. I think the blanket stimulates blood circulation and thus helps to reduce the waste in his body faster. I can feel that lactic acid does not accumulate and he does not feel stiff after a hard workout. Besides that, my horses also love the massage function. They love to doze off during a treatment. The blanket and the gaiters are definitely a measure to achieve better sports results. "


Lillie Keenan


US American Amazon and owner of Chansonette Farm

“I use the IMPULSELINE blankets on all my horses every day. They have the blanket on once or twice a day. Before training or the exam to warm up the muscles. After work to prevent sore muscles. I want the horses to always feel good and have a long and healthy career. "



Lars Nieberg


Springreiter, Mannschaftsolympiasieger, Mannschaftsweltmeister, Mannschaftseuropameister

Lars Nieberg can look back on a highly successful show jumping career. Team Olympic champion, team world champion, team European champion, German champion and many great successes in international courses are in his track record. Today Lars Nieberg is at home at Gut Berl and takes care of breeding, upbringing and training young horses as well as training the stud riders.

He uses the ACTIVOMED Professional blanket for more well-being and to support his horses.


Katrine Gammelgaard


Dressage rider from Lybaekgaard, Herning, Denmark

„We are very happy with both the AQUALINE water treadmill and the spa. The horses love to work and splash in the water treadmill, and we can see very quickly how they gain muscle-mass on their topline and how their stride-length is improved, even under the saddle. The horses get much more supple and nice in the contact, and that’s only after working a few times in the water treadmill. I’m really happy about the change I can feel in my dressage horses.

But as much as we love the water treadmill, we wouldn’t go without the spa. It’s superb for keeping the horses sound, and for helping horses with injuries back into the sport!“



Janneke Boonzaaijer


Niederländische Vielseitigkeitsreiterin, ACSI-Team und KNHS-Talentteam

“I use the ACTIVOMED professional blanket and leg wraps. My horses really enjoy the blanket treatments. I use the blanket daily as a prewarming exercise before training and they are much smoother and looser after using the blanket. After intensive training, I also use the blanket to help them recover as quickly as possible. “



Matthias Poggemöller



“I have noticed, since using the ImpulseLine blanket, a definite improvement in my horse´s health and wellness. The system most certainly contributes to making my horse a happy and healthy athlete!”



Waldgut Höhnscheid



"We are of the opinion that aquatrainers have become an integral part of the rehabilitation and conditioning of horses. This is particularly important for horses that are to become active again after an operation, injury or illness. But the aquatrainer also helps animals that actually just lacked movement."



Peter Schiergen


Galoppertrainer und Besitzer des Rennstalls Asternblüte

"We have integrated a solarium over the Aquatrainer to warm up the back muscles. The speed, water level and training intensity can be set individually. The Aquatrainer ideally complements our training and rehabilitation measures. Muscle and condition training are gentle on bones and joints. Aquatraining offers optimal conditions for rehabilitation programs after injuries and to support joint, bone and muscle problems."



Bernadette Brune


International dressage rider and trainer

“When there is the ACTIVOMED blanket on the tournament, I have the certainty that my horse is doing well. The Aquatrainer is an important training element for us to keep our horses in good shape.”



Spencer B. Smith


American show jumper and former polo player

“The fitness of the horses is very important to me. Older horses take longer to recover from a competition, younger horses take less. But with the ACTIVOMED blankets they all recover much faster. And it's great that we can take the blankets with us wherever we go. They are allowed at FEI tournaments. "



Leopold van Asten


Dutch Olympic rider in show jumping

“I use the ACTIVOMED blanket for warming-up and after serious efforts. It makes my horses recover well. They are fit again the next day. My horses enjoy it!”


Jessica von Bredow-Werndl 


Dressage rider, team World champion and team European champion

Jessica von Bredow-Werndl supports her horses with regular training in the AQUALINE aquatrainer.


André Thieme


Show jumper and horse handler

André Thieme has been relying on the IMPULSELINE blanket from ACTIVOMED for years.


Tim & Jonelle Price 

New zealand

New Zealand eventing riders

Tim and Jonelle Price regularly use the IMPULSELINE blanket for their evening cracks.


Alberto Michan


Mexican show jumper starts for Israel

“I use the ACTIVOMED magnetic field ceiling. From my point of view this is a great product. I can always feel the difference when I have the blanket on the horses. The back and all the muscles feel much better. "


Maxime van der Vlist


Dutch dressage rider and trainer

„I am 100% happy with our ACTIVOMED blanket! My horse is so much smoother in his mouth, much more supple in his muscles and straighter in his movements if I use it before riding. I can definitely feel the difference right from the beginning.”


Elmar Lesch


Eventing rider and trainer from Bavendorf

“I particularly like to use the blanket on recovery days, because my horses regenerate particularly well from training or after the tournament.
The horses that need a little more support during the warm-up also get a wellness unit before riding, so that they go loose and well prepared into training.”


Jörn Warner


Eventing rider and horse handler

“ACTIVOMED has been our constant companion ever since my boys have been in the professional sport of eventing. During training, the ACTIVOMED IMPULSELINE is used almost every day in my stable. Due to the large variety of programs, the massage and magnetic field rugs are used on any horse, no matter how extensive its training currently is. Even my professional skeptic “Vicco Pop” can relax in the relax program. In general, I like to put on the rug before riding, then my horses start loosely into training. If the four-legged athletes have completed intensive training in jumping, eventing or for their condition, we also use the combined program with massage and magnetic field therapy afterwards. Of course, I take my ACTIVOMED rug with additional belly part (PecDominal Pad) on the big tournaments. Up to six times I can run the long applications without having to charge the battery – even on the go just perfect!

Unfortunately, the Aquatrainer by ACTIVOMED cannot be easily taken somewhere. That’s why I have to go without the AQUALINE on the tournaments. But during the off-season training sessions, my two big boys “Vicco Pop” and “Castle King” regularly train in the water. That way I can gently train keep their condition and they they stay in shape during winter. Additionally, it also brings a bit of variety in their training routine and addresses other muscle groups, as when riding. I just realize how good my animals are doing and that’s why ACTIVOMED products play such an important role in my day-to-day life as instructor and tournament rider.”


Josefa Sommer


Eventing rider and physiotherapist for humans and horses

"I like to use the ACTIVOMED blanket on big tournaments, as well as the magnetic field leg wraps. Of course, I also use both in the daily therapy operation. The horses relax visibly and find the blanket and leg wraps very comfortable. The water treadmill is our heart and it is daily in use for horses from outside, as well as for the therapy and guest horses. All horses are developing great. For the therapy horses, it is great for bodybuilding and for the treatment of tendons and ligament injuries and other injuries. We have had good success with tendon injuries in connection with the magnetic field leg wraps. In addition, there are also very good results for horses with back problems or old horses. My oldest patient is 30 years old. In combination with physiotherapy and magnetic field applications, as well as good riding the water treadmill is a great addition to our therapy center GEKEEquivital."


Andrea Engeler-Bading


Therapy Station Fehmbusch, Eyendorf near Luhmühlen

“For almost three years, we have been using the Equine-SPA from ACTIVOMED with great success as part of our therapeutic applications, both for rehabilitation after injuries and illnesses as well as for regeneration after hard exercises. This “cold water machine” brings great success, especially for slightly lame horses. For example, we have successfully brought back sport horses to major sports after they had serious injuries. We achieved this by applying the Spa and in some cases combined it with the water treadmill. The 2 ° C to 4 ° C cold saltwater stimulates blood circulation. As a result, injury-related waste products are increasingly dissipated. The user-friendly system is easy to handle, and the sophisticated filter systems guarantee the required hygiene standards.

For almost three years, we have also been using the AquaLine water treadmill from ACTIVOMED with great success as part of our therapeutic applications, both for gentle rebuilding after injuries and illnesses as well as for training purposes. The generously sized treadmill area gives the horses the opportunity to work naturally over the back and so optimally build up the back and neck muscles. Above water level and speed, both the gait pattern and the training effect optimally controlled. The user-friendly system is easy to handle, and the sophisticated filter systems guarantee the required hygiene standards.”


Nadine Marzahl


German eventing rider and trainer

“We like to use the magnetic field blanket before training for preparation, and also after a strenuous workout for relaxation. On big tournaments lasting several days, the blanket is always with us. We have had very good experiences with the use of the magnetic field blanket immediately after the eventing course and on the following day. The use of the blanket noticeably minimizes the muscle soreness of the horses. Our horses enjoy being under the blanket and you can see how much they relax. In case of injury, the blanket and leg wraps assist the regeneration.”



Nikita Mansour


Ukrainian show jumper

“I have been using the ACTIVOMED blanket with my horses for two years now, and to say that I am pleased with the result is to say nothing,  I am just happy with this product.

My horses now after using ACTIVOMED blanket are in great shape, the need for the veterinary care and physiotherapy has decreased a lot. I am using the blanket as by the instructions from the S1 program before work to S2 after work, the horses became much more relaxed and feel very comfortable, I can see that their muscle tone after the use is great.

Sometimes I use the blanket after  competitions then I use S3 program for a strong and fast recovery of my partners, if you want your horse to be always in good shape then get this wonderful product.”


Dr. med. vet. Clemens Hayessen


Horse veterenaian Eyendorf, FEI veterinarian and successful eventing rider up to advanced level

“For years, we have been successfully using the ACTIVOMED IMPULSELINE magnetic field and massage blankets to support our sport horses and our patients in our practice. Especially with pathological changes and painful diseases of the back, such as the Kissing Spines syndrome, we can always achieve positive results. In diseases such as Lumbago a much better convalescence is observed, as the muscle enzymes move back much faster to the normal range.

Even with nervous, strained horses a significantly improved relaxed feeling can be felt when the blanket is used before riding.”


Marc Poppel


Successful amateur show jumper and breeder

Marc Poppel treats his horses at home and on the go with regular treatments with the IMPULSELINE Professional magnetic field massage blanket.


Tobias Meyer


International showjumper

Tobias Meyer's horses relax with the IMPULSELINE Professional.


Christian Ruhland


Eventing rider and riding stable owner from Munich

“My horses love this blanket. The ACTIVOMED blanket has a positive effect on their performance! “