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Our IMPULSELINE Leg Wraps cover the horse's leg from the pastern to the carpus or hock in a magnetic field.
Our Relax Leg Wraps contain two coils per wrap whilst our Professional Leg Wraps have four coils per wrap.



Gamaschen Impulseline Relax
Nahaufnahme Magnet an Activo-Med Deckentasche
Nahaufnahme Activo-Med Gamaschen



  • Excellent comfort and fit through flexible adjustment
  • Breathable materials
  • Versatile and easy to transport
  • Robust and resilient
  • Machine washable at 30°C, modules easily removable
  • Long-lasting
  • Intuitive operation
  • Can be easily used anywhere
  • Permitted at all international FEI competitions
  • Made in Germany


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IMPULSELINE Relax & Professional Leg Wraps


Equine legs do lots of work and must withstand a great deal in daily training, on hacks, or at competitions. A horse's legs therefore deserve special attention. Internal or external influences can cause various changes in a horse's legs and, worst case, lead to lameness. Overstrain, windgalls or capped hocks, damage to tendons, or bone and joint fractures are just some of the problems that can occur. In such cases, vets can give appropriate treatment to horses as well as good advice to their owners.


The PEMF leg wraps come in sets of two forelimb wraps with varying numbers of magnetic coils, depending on the model. Our Relax Leg Wraps have two coils per wrap whilst our Professional Leg Wraps have four coils per wrap. These forelimb wraps are enhanced with innovative hook-and-loop fastening which allows use on the hind limbs as well.

Like the rugs, the Relax Leg Wraps are operated over the Compact multifunction control box, whereby the Professional Leg Wraps are operated over the Professional multifunction control box.

On special request, they can be customised as a combi version with massage function or as hindlimb wraps. 


Horses that are particularly sensitive should be gently familiarised with the vibrations from the massage modules. Massage intensity can be adjusted and configured through individual programme settings.

Many ACTIVOMED products can be washed at 30°C. All magnetic field coils and massage applicators are easily removable and can be easily reinserted after washing.


Scope of delivery for the IMPULSELINE Leg Wraps includes Leg Wraps, charging/control box, and transport/storage bag incl. program documentation. 



How many programmes do the Leg Wraps have?

  • The Relax model: 2 preset programmes and 3 sequences
  • The Professional model: 2 preset programmes and 3 sequences

How many applicators does it have?

  • The Relax model: 2 coils/applicators on each wrap
  • The Professional model: 4 coils/applicators on each wrap

How are the Leg Wraps sold?

  • As a pair of wraps without control box, as supplement of an existing system 
  • As a pair of leg wraps with control box
  • As part of a complete set with our IMPULSELINE Magnetic Field/Massage Rug

Which control box is used with the wraps?

  • The Relax model: the Compact multifunction control box
  • The Professional model: the Professional multifunction control box

What sizes do the wraps come in?

  • Pony
  • Warmblood

Which horses can use the wraps?

  • All horses with pre-existing leg ailments
  • As a preventive measure
  • To enhance training

Designed for the following uses and areas:

  • Prevention
  • Recovery
  • Tendons and joints
  • Internal organs
  • Muscles
  • Skeletal system
  • Nervous system
  • Vascular system


  • If you want to use the leg wraps only, you'll find a surcingle in the bag for positioning the control box on the horse's back


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