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The IMPULSELINE Relax Horse Rug is a PEMF rug with neck that also comes with an additional massage feature. This rug is equipped with ten magnetic field coils or applicators in the back and neck area.



Impulseline Relax Magnetfelddecke
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Impulseline Relax Patch
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  • Excellent comfort and fit through flexible adjustment

  • Breathable materials

  • Versatile and easy to transport

  • Robust and resilient

  • Machine washable at 30°C, modules easily removable

  • Long-lasting

  • Intuitive operation

  • Can be easily used anywhere

  • Permitted at all international FEI competitions

  • Made in Germany


from 3010,70 € incl. VAT

The Compact multifunction control box


Operation is carried out through the Compact multifunction control box which is placed in the specially designed pocket at the withers. This rug allows you more individual configuration for your horse through the choice of 18 preset programmes and 8 sequences. You can also change the programme settings, such as running time or intensity. The pulsed magnetic field has a strength of up to 7,800 microtesla.


Scope of delivery for the IMPULSELINE Relax includes horse rug, charging/control box, and transport/storage bag incl. programme documentation.



How many programmes does the rug have?

  • 18 preset programmes and 8 sequences
  • Frequency, intensity and duration can be configured individually 

How many applicators does it have?

  • 10 applicators in the back and neck areas

How is the rug sold?

  • As a magnetic rug (IMPULSELINE Relax Plus Solo)
  • As a magnetic/massage rug (IMPULSELINE Relax Plus Combi)
  • As part of a set with the Relax Leg Wraps

Which control box is used with the rug?

  • The Compact multifunction control box

Does the rug come in different sizes?

  • Pony/M: 225 cm
  • Warmblood/XL 255 cm
  • Large warmblood (height at withers over 1.80) XXL, 275 cm 

Which horses can use the rug?

  • A good price-performance ratio makes this rug an ideal entry into magnetic rugs
  • Horses that can benefit from magnetic field therapy for training purposes
  • Horses with no specific pre-existing ailments, particularly in the knee and shoulder areas

Designed for the following uses and areas:

  • Prevention
  • Recovery
  • Tendons and joints
  • Internal organs
  • Muscles
  • Skeletal system
  • Nervous system
  • Vascular system


The IMPULSELINE Relax Plus Rug covers the horse's neck vertebrae as well as the back.

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